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  1. "I have nothing to hide."

    • I have nothing to hide.
    • I have not, nor will I ever, do anything wrong.
    • I have not, nor will I ever, do anything wrong, as defined by the government.
    • I have only ever done, and only ever will do, things defined as right by the government.

    By stating that ...

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  2. What is DDoS? (Guest Post)

    This is a guest post by BreShiE.

    DDoS attacks are becoming more and more frequent in today's world, with any average person being able to download or purchase such tools from online, public forums. You may have heard about the self proclaimed hacktivist group "Anonymous" and their infamous take-downs ...

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  3. [Ruby] Password Training Script

    This is a simple Ruby script that helps you memorize a password by making you type it over and over again. It first breaks the password into chunks of 4 characters, helps you to memorize each chunk, then every consecutive pair of chunks, then every consecutive triple... and so on ...

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  4. Windows Magnifier Hack

    Steps to reset a Windows account password given physical access to the box:

    1. Boot a Linux live cd and mount C:somewhere.
    2. Find magnifier.exe (somewhere in System32) and replace it with cmd.exe.
    3. Boot to the Windows login screen.
    4. Press WinKey + U
    5. Start the magnifier, which should run cmd ...
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  5. Escaping String Literals (for JavaScript) in PHP

    Use the following code to escape user-supplied input before inserting it into a JavaScript string literal.

    function js_string_escape($data)
        $safe = "";
        for($i = 0; $i < strlen($data); $i++)
                $safe .= $data[$i];
                $safe .= sprintf("\\x%02X", ord($data[$i]));
        return $safe;


    var foo = "<?php ...
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