Contact Information

Please Note: I read every email that gets sent to me, but most of the time I don't have enough free time to reply. I would love to reply to everything; I'm really sorry if I don't. If it's important that you get a reply, you can try reaching me through

Name:  Taylor Hornby
Twitter:  @DefuseSec
IM:  I'm not on any public IM services, so Twitter DMing is probably your best option (ask me to follow you).

PGP Keys 2FA6 1D8D 99B9 2658 6BAC 3D53 385E E055 A129 1538

OTR Fingerprints

Account #1 7AE62877 70224284 A705C765 A24DFD14 DE3C8088
Account #2: 908F6570 8CF5F430 B8103909 7BB43F73 A93BEFC7
Account #3: FC2B79DB 19DF8F59 279F3D86 5C145A6D 98D8DC67