My .vimrc

This page is updated with the .vimrc on my PC at home every midnight. The file can be downloaded without formatting here. The color scheme I use for gVim is dw_cyan, and I use jellybeans for command-line Vim.

Download my entire .vim directory here.

You can also find my entire Vim configuration on GitHub.

If you would like a list of my favourite .vimrc lines, see my blog post Random vimrc tips.


These screenshots are not updated automatically, and may be out of date.

My Vim configuration (gVim)

My Vim configuration (command-line Vim)

Synchronization Script


# Script for pulling Taylor's vim config from https://defuse.ca/vimrc.htm
# This will destroy the current user's vim configuration (~/.vim, ~/.vimrc)
# and replace it with Havoc's.

# Use unique temp file names so the script can be run by many users at the
# same time.

# Grab the vimrc
wget -O ~/.vimrc https://defuse.ca/upload/vim/vimrc

# Grab the .vim folder, extract it in /tmp, then move to ~
wget -O /tmp/vimupdate_$TMPID.zip https://defuse.ca/upload/vim/vim.zip
unzip -o /tmp/vimupdate_$TMPID.zip -d /tmp/vimupdate_$TMPID
rm -rf ~/.vim/*
mv /tmp/vimupdate_$TMPID/* ~/.vim/

# Clean up the temporary files
rm -f /tmp/vimupdate_$TMPID.zip
rm -rf /tmp/vimupdate_$TMPID