High-Security Offline Password Generator

Just want a password?
ASCII: [!hFAyJ,SB+#P;DCv*K(!Mz`HZi8vF{1M""}`i/3l*2mPksa*<P+`LRetT}T)aEm
Alpha-numeric: 9BgqcZFziFfojPrj4P4iruWKEPnsFD985t8bFAoRKIZRCFFnSnIUeRB0kCk0vCs3
Hex: A69A39A9FFADB5DAF16720968E271E233B3C0301883D613F976AA5AA6FD1AE4C

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Online password generators like GRC's Perfect Passwords, and the one above, are very convenient, but by using them you must trust them not to remember your password and share it with third parties. I invite you to download one of my free and open source offline password generators so your pc can create strong passwords with the click of a button. Since these utilities run on your computer, you can be sure that they won't share your password with anyone.

The Windows GUI version combines data from the Cryptographically Secure Random Number Generator (CSPRNG) built into Windows with random mouse movements and other system information (CPU usage, memory usage, high-precision timers, etc.) to produce extremely secure passwords that are completely unique to you. The Linux version creates passwords from true random noise obtained from /dev/random.

Windows Password Generator

This version runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003+.

Windows High-Security Random Password Generator
Download Windows Password Generator

Download Windows Password Generator - 104KB.

Source Code on GitHub

Command Line Password Generator for Linux, & UNIX

This version works on any UNIX-like operating system with /dev/random. It supports the following command-line options:

Usage: passgen <type> <optional arguments>
WARNING: If automated, you MUST check that the exit status is 0.
Where <type> is one of:
  -x, --hex				64-character hex string
  -a, --ascii				64-character ASCII string
  -n, --alpha				64-character alpha-numeric string
  -w, --words				10 random words from a list of 6709
  -h, --help				Show this help menu
Where <optional arguments> can be:
  -p, --password-count N		Specify number of passwords to generate

Source Code on GitHub

How to Install on Linux

  1. Clone the Git repository.
  2. Run `make`.
  3. Run (as root): `install passgen /usr/bin/passgen`.