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Current UTC Time: Fri Feb 28 9:38:44 UTC 2020

Description of drawing #1566:

Results for drawing #1566:

How do I tell if the drawing was fair?

Verify the following points:

  • Check that the timestamp looks to be on or near the date the drawing was done.
  • The drawing organizer published the drawing number before the drawing took place.
  • The drawing organizer's description of how to use the random numbers to select the results of the drawing is straight forward and doesn't bias the results. If the process is extremely complicated or you don't understand the steps, this is cause for concern.
  • Follow the process of determining the results (e.g. the lottery winner) yourself to determine if the results claimed by the drawing organizer are valid. The drawing organizer should have provided all the steps you need to follow to determine the winner in the "DESCRIPTION" section of the drawing information.
  • The range of random numbers makes sense for what they are being used for (e.g. they include everyone, in a lottery scenario).
  • Obtain any related files from the organizer and verify that the SHA256 checksum is exactly identical using the checksum calculator.
  • Make sure the random data is in the second text area with the title "Results for drawing #1566". The drawing organizer has full control over the text in the first text box.

Once you have verified each point, you can be sure that the drawing organizer was not able to influence the random numbers in any way, and you can trust the results. If you are in doubt, feel free to contact Defuse Security, we'll be glad to help.

Validate Random Numbers

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Create Random Numbers

Step 1: Reserve a Drawing Number

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Step 2: Create Random Numbers

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Drawing Info
File 1 (10MB Max): Choose random line(s)*
File 2 (10MB Max): Choose random line(s)*
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  Allow lines to be chosen twice
Random Numbers
Number Range:From to (Inclusive. Range: -1000000000 to +1000000000)
Amount of Numbers: (Max: 1000)

* for random lines to be chosen, the file must be in plaintext (ASCII, .txt file) format. Maximum line length is 1000 characters.

What is TRENT?

TRENT is a backronym for "Trusted Random Entropy." The name TRENT comes from cryptography, where he is normally used to represent a mutually trusted third party. That's exactly what our TRENT service is: a third party random number generator for drawings, contests, and lotteries. TRENT allows both the drawing organizer and contestants to be sure that the winner was selected randomly, and that the random numbers were not biased in any way.

To understand how TRENT works, we must understand the problem that TRENT solves. Suppose a person named Chuck runs a website and wants to host a drawing between the users of his website. The lucky winner of the drawing will get a prize of $100. Chuck could pick a random user himself; he could even use radioactive decay as a source of randomness to ensure the drawing is absolutely fair. That would be great, but Chuck has no way of proving to his users that he actually did that instead of picking a friend (or even himself) and saying it was a random choice.

Chuck must be able to generate a random number and prove the following points to his users:

TRENT provides a means for Chuck to prove those points. TRENT solves the problem with the following security measures.

How to Use TRENT for Your Drawings

To use TRENT for your drawings, lotteries, and contests, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps:

  1. Reserve a drawing number.
  2. Give the drawing number to your clients. Provide at least 24 hours to allow them to check that the drawing number has been reserved.
  3. Tell TRENT what kind of random numbers you want and let TRENT pick them.
  4. Give your users the link to TRENT's drawing results page so everyone can verify that the drawing was fair.

There are a few important things you have to do to make sure your users can trust the results:

That's all you have to do! TRENT will take care of explaining to your clients how to make sure the drawing was fair. Feel free to run a few practice drawings to get a feel for how TRENT works.

Source Code

You may view TRENT's source code by clicking the following link. Consider it to be licensed under the Gnu GPL v3.

See TRENT's Source Code